About No Sleep


In plain english, we make you more money.

We are strategists, designers, data scientists and engineers who add 6-7 figures in annual revenue to our client’s stores by moving quickly and optimizing performance. Our team is laser-focused on conversion rate, average order value, engagement, and retention.

We design and build the ecommerce experiences for the most disruptive startups and help established brands innovate, protect against disruption, and grow their revenues profitably. We’ll help you increase the ROI on all of your marketing by improving your conversion rate, average order value, and other critical KPIs.

With our sister agencies Red Giant Growth and Enkore, we have successfully driven hundreds of millions of site visits through No Sleep funnels. We truly understand how to build supercharged ecommerce experiences.


01 —  Shopify Experts

Beyond building countless websites our team is also responsible for launching apps used by 4,000+ merchants. We know the Shopify platform and ecosystem inside out.

02 — Subscription Commerce

We specialize in building complex commerce solutions. In particular we’ve built nearly 100 subscription, membership and club programs for the fastest growing brands on Shopify.

03 —  Revenue Optimization

We build solutions that make you money. Beyond standard conversion rate optimization we are always looking out for your bottom line by leveraging the best new technologies.

04 —  Connecting Offline & Online

We aren’t just about ecommerce. We build digital experiences that support modern brands’ needs to bridge online and on-shelf sales. We’re experts in deploying omnichannel solutions.


Caroline Haber

Director of Project Management

Caroline serves as the Director of Project Management on the Space Race team, managing a variety of the team’s Web Development clients and the No Sleep Studio’s Project Management team. With a background that comprises experience on both the client and agency side of the business, she offers a unique understanding of her clients and their desires. She aims to perform as a dedicated partner, maximizing the client experience and the web solutions we deliver. 

Prior to No Sleep, Caroline worked for a start-up ecommerce fashion company, fueling her passion for web development and the constantly evolving e-commerce space. She transitioned to the agency side as a Project Manager from there with the desire to expand verticals and share the excitement of the digital landscape with other up and coming brands.

Rob Thissen


Brian Christensen

Manager, CRO

Brian serves as the manager of our new product, Moonlanding, a templated, conversion-focused landing page builder. He also manages our conversion optimization and website audit services. Nothing makes him happier than high-performing landing pages, improving UX/UI through A/B testing, and letting data drive decisions. 

Before No Sleep, Brian worked in conversion rate optimization and owned an eCommerce kitchen supply business. Throughout his career, Brian has worked with 100+ brands, ranging from small, 6-figure businesses to a billion-dollar enterprise and generated 7 figures in additional revenue for his clients.

When he isn’t working, you can find him perfecting a new pie recipe, playing ice hockey, watching sports, or hanging out with his wife and golden retriever.

Justin Fuhrer

Director of Engineering

Justin has been immersed in web development for over two decades, with a drive to achieve mastery of front end perfection in any scenario and on any platform. With No Sleep, he leverages his extensive experience to develop sleek and engaging Shopify ecommerce experiences while expanding his expertise.

Beyond development, Justin enjoys spending time with his spouse and their two dogs, fixing up old computers, and reading.

Manuel Grimaux

Senior Designer

Manu is a passionate multidisciplinary designer with over 11 years of experience. He began his professional career in 2009 by studying art direction and working as a branding designer. From the beginning, he differentiated himself by handling complex projects efficiently and creatively.

With the advance of new technologies, he started focusing on UX and web development, by leading several projects designing websites and applications for different tech companies in South America and Europe.

He now joins the No Sleep team as a Senior UX designer, and has been creating full ecommerce websites and landing pages, combining his UX knowledge with his brand strategy expertise. Manu brings to the table an excellent eye for branding, in combination with a unique knowledge of user experience.

Caleb Neely

Front-End Developer

Caleb maintains a Lead Developer role for No Sleep, leveraging over thirteen years of web development experience across several platforms and languages. He prioritizes providing value to clients with each task and strives to bring higher quality work each day.

Caleb is always looking for a new challenge to expand his skills further and provide more expertise to future development.

Yuliia Danylevska

Front-End Developer

Yuliia serves as the Senior Frontend Developer on the No Sleep team. As a Frontend Developer she is involved in multiple web development projects including monthly managed retainers and one off full site builds. Yuliia is a professional, dedicated and good team player. She is always fully involved in the process, which helps make the project a success.

Prior to No Sleep, Yuliia worked in several web agencies with large and small e-commerce projects.

Jared Ricardo

Front-End Developer

Jared is one of the newest members of the No Sleep Studio team, bringing a genuine curiosity and strong desire to ever expand his skill sets. With a solid foundation in front-end development, Jared excels at translating intricate Figma designs into pixel-perfect websites for clients. He thrives in a fast-paced environment and cares deeply for the quality of his work in order to ensure successful outcomes. Prior to joining No Sleep, Jared gained valuable development experience at two successful e-commerce brands. Outside of work, Jared enjoys practicing gymnastics, DJing, and photography.

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